Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty


So there I was, with my generic knowledge of Alexander McQueen’s work, managed to entice her husband to see Alexander McQueen exhibition at V&A museum. Visit to the exhibition on a Saturday warrant an overcrowded space, even with the time-slot system in place. The massive crowd queuing and cutting lines whilst viewing the works definitely disrupt the splurge session on McQueen’s work. However, the way the exhibition was curated and the extensive amount works exhibited, made it worth the £17.60/person ticket.

Seeing Alexander McQueen’s works in real life had shed a light on the otherwise dark-mad-genius life ( The vivid imagination behind his works and the beautiful manipulation of different materials is fascinating to say the least.
Two of my top favourites would be the red Sari dress from Fall 2008 and his lime green glass-bead mixed with horse hair Eshu dress.
The Sarabande dress was made out of real flowers, where some of the flowers falling off slowly during the fashion show. It was actually accidental, however the process of the flower falling off made a beautiful theatrical show.
We can also viewed the mini-scale hologram of Kate Moss, where it was a part of McQueen’s show in 2006. Here is a link to see how the hologram was showed originally during his show:

The attendees are forbidden to take any pictures or do any sketches during the Savage Beauty exhibition. However, since the exhibition had ended on the 2nd of August 2015, I thought I might upload few vigilante snapshots. One thing for sure though, to be able to see up-close how immaculate his tailoring is, truly offers a different experience.


The famous duck feather dress from his Horn of Plenty 2009


Other collection also from Horn of Plenty 2009 collection


Corset from Dante collection in 1996


Eshu dress is made of glass-beads with horse hair


Sarabande dress was originally made of real flowers

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